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Welcome to the Giordano Research Group

Nanostructures Design and Shaping Group

Giordano‘s Group Research

The aim of the Nanostructures Design and Shaping Group (ND&S) is to function as central core for creating alternative pathways toward a wide range of nanomaterials, bridging our research with other fields of nanoscience, applied and theoretical, improving nanomaterials practical applications for the well-being of the society.

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From Molecules to Hierarchical Nanostructures

Our synthetic designs encompass nanomaterials from simpler structures to complexes ones, from mere spherical nanoparticles to nanofibers, nanocomposites and nanohybrids, reaching sophisticated hierarchical structures.

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Our Vision

The leit motiv of our research is simplicity, scalability and sustainability.

Despite their simplicity, the designed processes lead to advance materials, allowing fine control on the materials’  structure and properties.

The group is based @QMUL, where is also part of the Material Research Institute. We work in a multidisciplinary environment, partly accomplished in collaboration with established national and international research groups.

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Our Team


Cristina Giordano

Associate Professor

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Ilaha R. Hasanova

PhD Candidate


Maria A. Rojas Ruiz

PhD Candidate

Our Research

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Nanomaterial Design

Research is based on Nanomaterial Chemistry Design via tailored strategies.

Our Research

Current research focuses on multifunctional nanomaterials, nanocomposites, colloidal dispersions and hybrids, based on metallic ceramics and pure metals.

Part of our research is performed through national and international collaborations, involving both academic and industrial partners.

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Nanomaterials’ Design


Green Energy

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Functional Materials

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